There are numerous medical substances which were designated to solve the problem of herpes sickness and the maladies which have got similar roots. Within the abundance of chemicals, a greater part of the community is mostly aware of acyclovir that runs under the most popular brand title – Zovirax.

Depending on the severity stage of the health issue the sick ones are capable to treat themselves with either Zovirax cream or pills.

The Selection of the Medical Substance

People are supposed to understand clearly that all types of the remedy are working with the assistance of the same active catalyst which produces an anti-viral effect on the health problem.

During an extremely active phase of the diseases, the doctors tend to prescribe the combination of Acyclovir 200-400 mg tablets inside and ointment from the outside to achieve a double effect and eliminate the threat from two fields.  In the most life-threatening situation, the therapy of injections is added with the same Zovirax formula to turn the situation in favor of the immune system.

The Application of Various Zovirax Types

Zovirax can be acquired in various forms and shapes and each of the medicament types has got its own peculiarities which are ought to be taken into regards while using.

  • Ointment in most cases is applied for the curing of the viral infection of the eyes. It is placed on the eye, not more than five times a day. The operation must be continued for several days after the symptoms have disappeared.
  • The pills are taken for several days at an average dose that doesn’t exceed 5 times per day. Based on the viral nature of the issue the dosage is adjusted accordingly.
  • Zovirax in ampules is a high-density substance that is used in the most critical situations. The curing course lasts for five days. The procedures are conducted exclusively under the guidance of the medical worker in the hospital.

The Benefits of Pills and Cream

Most users are willing to know which substance is more effective for healing though it is vital to apprehending the fact that both cream and pills are made according to the same formula and are working according to the same principle. But still, there is some slight difference in application and effects which should be mentioned for the patients to be aware of.

  • Pills tend to be strong for severe forms of herpes and other related fungi diseases as they are sucked into the bloodstream and are transported through the entire body.
  • The cream is more effective in terms of healing the external wounds as it decomposes the virus on the surface of the skin and prevents the further spreading.
  • The cream can be prescribed for children at any age while the pills are prescribed for the little patients who are over seven years old.
  • It is especially potent with small area damage.

  • The pills can be applied for curing of other viruses which are not stated in the medical sheet, while the cream is applied exclusively for the wound of herpes nature.
  • The pills can sometimes possess an adverse impact on the homeostasis of the organism and the number of potential issues is greater than when an ointment is placed on the skin.
  • In both cases, there is a chance of a possible allergy to the treatment.

As we can regardless of the utilized shape, Zovirax is a powerful means of anti-herpes therapy that can help to get rid of the problem once and for all. The doctor is the person who can select the most appropriate type of Zovirax together with the dose that will be the most efficient and least stressful for the organism of the sick person.