Acyclovir is among the best-known healing items when a person experiences the inconveniences of two common viruses better known as varicella-zoster and simple herpes. Most people know the medication better under the title of a popular brand – Zovirax.

The maladies that were previously mentioned are the reason of not only external discomfort as they cause cold sores, shingles, genital herpes and other similar symptoms but also of internal nature as they lead to itching and some viruses cause pain and poisoning of the entire body.

Here you will acquire data on Acyclovir with alcohol interaction and options when drinking is possible together with allowed doses.

Typology of Zovirax

There are two species of acyclovir and each of them is applied in certain cases. Depending on the severity of the case the patient can be prescribed either internal or external species or even both of them if the virus has a tendency of growing and spreading within the organism.

  • Internal Zovirax
    This type consists of pills, injections and oral suspensions. Pills belong to a standard therapy to eliminate the danger of the herpes virus from the inside. Injections and suspension are radical means that are utilized for the urgent medical intrusion to stimulate the immune system reaction and destroy the viral processes in the whole body.
  • External Acyclovir
    External or topical Zovirax goes in form of an ointment that is placed on the herpes damaged areas including genitals. Some species of this virus are caused by a lowered immune system and this cream is supposed to isolate the area and eliminate the virus together with powerful healing effect.

Effects of Alcohol and Zovirax

Among the most common adverse impacts of consuming Zovirax internally is the feeling of tiredness and a slight headache. These are standard adaptive health issues that are the results of chemical impact onto the body. In separate cases.  there might be some cases of allergy and kidney malfunction – in extremely rare cases. It all goes for injections and pills. When cream is applied, the risk of such side effects is minimized to zero.

When people are discussing the possibility of Zovirax and alcohol use, the doctors usually warn the patients of potential risks and advise to avoid drinking ethanol containing substances. Spirits serve as a catalyst of side effect – it increases previous mentioned adverse impact to a dangerous level. In case of problems with the vestibular apparatus, the person might pause threat not only for oneself but also for the surrounding people, especially during driving.

That is why more and more patients have a tendency of using the Zovirax cream as the chance of headaches is minimized to zero. Topical substances have less harmful influence than oral ones and there is no need to sacrifice the effectiveness of the healing item. However, the risks of conflict between Zovirax and spirits are still existing and the person should be aware of them.

Heat flushes, numbness of fingertips are among other side effects of Zovirax but these are the symptoms that are characteristic for elderly patients. But still, such symptoms can appear with consumers of younger age groups.

How Much Is It Possible to Consume

In most cases, the consumption is not welcomed during any type of therapy. However, during Zovirax treatment, it is advisable to stick to average consumption in case of necessity. An adequate dose that is available for consumption is the following:

  • 1 0.3l bottle of beer
  • 0.08l of liquor
  • 0.15l of red/white wine
  • 0.05l of strong drinks like whiskey, vodka or Gin.

As we can see it is possible to consume but it should be mindful and careful about health preservation.