Active ingredient: Acyclovir 200/400/800mgZovirax is classified as an effective antiviral medication. Active ingredient: Acyclovir 200/400/800mg triggers a powerful influence on the body functions, providing a patient with an exclusive opportunity to decrease the symptoms of the bothering health disorder. The medication is an effective treatment of various health impairments associated with the herpes virus. On average, Zovirax is administered for improvement of such disorders as chicken pox, shingles, cold sores and genital herpes. Additionally, the drug can be used for several other purposes, not specified in the guide.

With the development of the pharmaceutical market and increasing demand for Zovirax, its generic form became available. Currently, the same potential antiviral medication can be purchased under the name of Aciclovir, Virovir, Cicloferon, Acyclovirum, Acifur, and others. Generic Acyclovir antiviral treatments are widely appreciated both by medical specialists and customers. Due to the undeniable pharmaceutical properties of the drugs, they are able to promote the desired influences of the organism eliminating negative symptoms. At the same time, such remedies are ultimately accessible and affordable, so ordering the antiviral drug will not harm your budget.

No matter if you purchase brand or generic Zovirax, you need to follow specific safety recommendations and intake rules. Discuss the future therapy with your medical specialist in order to prevent possible risks and take maximal benefit out of the therapy. The treatment has a range of restrictions and contraindications, so it cannot be approved for people, who are hypersensitive to Acyclovir or other ingredients of the drug. Patients with a weak immune system, kidney disorders or other serious health problems should get an individually adjusted Zovirax dose for its safe intake. The treatment is generally safe, though it can launch dangerous and life-threatening reactions if misused or overused. Therefore, follow the individually adjusted intake recommendations to experience the desired health improvements.

Generic Zovirax dose is another important factor, which contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment course. Use the treatment regularly, following the instructions for your personal intake. The bothering condition, its severity, accompanying health problems and pharmaceuticals you use will determine an effective dose and other specifications of the drug intake. Generic Zovirax dose

Zovirax: How Does It Work?

Acyclovir belongs to a group of antiviral medications. The treatment is an ultimately potent herpes simplex virus inhibitor, which also produces a drastic influence on varicella zoster virus and features an exceptionally low toxicity of other host cells. Such selectivity is available due to the unique ability of the viruses to code. The treatment is offered for oral use, intravenous and topical. The kinetics of Acyclovir is determined by two-compartment open models. The unique dose adjustment is necessary for patients with renal failure. According to the results of recent research, the medication is well-tolerated and not likely to trigger dangerous side effects. The most severe adverse reaction is elevated serum creatinine, which is associated with bolus intravenous use. Rash and inflammation are among other possible negative Zovirax reactions.

Zovirax: What Is It Used for?

Zovirax 400 mgAs an appreciated and clinically approved antiviral drug, Zovirax is widely used for elimination of life-threatening influences of the virus. To be specific, the drug deals with the infection, provoked by the existing body virus. Zovirax 400 mg is an average dose, sufficient for the treatment of most complications, especially:

  • Cold sores;
  • Chickenpox;
  • Shingles and others.

The outbreaks of genital herpes can also be improved by Zovirax. The powerful composition of the drug can reduce the severity and shorten the length of outbreaks. Acyclovir promotes healing of the sores, preventing the formation of new sores. Itching and pain are also considerably decreased. People with a weak immune system can administer Acyclovir and experience a lower risk of severe infections occurrence caused by the virus spreading.

Depending on the form of the treatment you use, the results can also differ a bit:

  • Topical Zovirax – treatment of mucocutaneous and genital herpes;
  • Intravenous Acyclovir – mainly for the treatment of mucocutaneous herpes in the compromised host. It can also be used to improve the signs of varicella-zoster and encephalitis infections;

Oral treatment is effective for both herpes types.